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Water Street Tattoo is now open for business and ready to bring quality tattoos and piercings to the state of Oklahoma. We have three tattoo artist, Brandon mull, Brooke Sissons-Mull and Jack McIntosh. Offering a variety of styles, the artists are versatile and skilled in many styles of tattooing.  We are located in Sapulpa Oklahoma at

Water Street Tattoo

10 South Water Street

Sapulpa Ok, 74066


You can email  the artists  to inquire about pricing .

Brandon at brandonmull@att.net

Or email Jack at Inkmanjack13@gmail.com








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  • Jennifer Roberts (Sunday, February 26 17 04:39 pm EST)

    Brandon, I have 2 cover up's I am needing as well as a few new ones. What do you charge for a consultation?

  • Kaitlyn (Monday, January 09 17 01:23 am EST)

    I am 17 and I'm starting to look for ideas for my 18th birthday tattoo and I have an idea of what I want but I was wondering seeing if it would cost anything to come in and get a better idea of the tattoo I want. It will be small but it is a memorial tattoo for my grandma that passed r years ago. But all I was wanting to know was would it cost anything to have someone draw it out for me to get a better idea. Thank you

  • Kelly Craig (Friday, July 22 16 07:38 pm EDT)

    I'm looking to get a small tattoo of a music note on my wrist. It will be my first tattoo. I was wondering how much it would cost? It would be about an inch tall and black.

  • Nick (Monday, July 11 16 01:32 pm EDT)

    Do you have any before and after cover-up pictures? I have a tattoo that I got about 18 years ago and I'm wanting it covered up with virtually anything now. I'm thinking I will probably do it this
    fall after lake season is over, but I've finally come to the conclusion that I'm going to cover it up. At this point I would feel better of having a total black fill-in than what I currently have.

  • Kevin (Sunday, June 05 16 10:13 pm EDT)

    Looking to get a wizard covered up. This tatt is about 20 years old, I am wanting a half sleeve lion with three roses.. Roses will signify my wife and two daughters..

    I can send pic of tatt, I live in bentonville, AR.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Ethel Schiller (Thursday, May 26 16 04:00 pm EDT)

    Post mine Brandon so that they can see how amazing you r!! ;-)

  • Shannon Bottger (Wednesday, May 25 16 01:49 pm EDT)

    Have you done any work over tummy tuck scars? If so, I would love to see the after result or before/after pictures. This is what I'm seeking for myself. Thank you!

  • Shawn Jones (Saturday, March 19 16 11:19 am EDT)

    Best tattoo shop in Oklahoma, no one has done more for tattooing in Oklahoma than Brandon, I've been tattooed by Brandon and Brook, most importantly is they are great people not just great artist!!

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